Saturday, May 7, 2022

The GREEN shoe


Luke 9:3

King James Version

3 And he said unto them, 

Take nothing for your journey, 

neither staves, 

nor scrip, 

neither bread, 

neither money; 

neither have two coats apiece.

People can have their designer shoes.

But I'll have my green shoe anytime.

Not quite a slipper, for I can wear it to town.

Not quite a shoe, for it's basically open.

Not quite a sandal, for it doesn't have straps.

More like a Japanese-style slipper.


Possibly made in China.

Or maybe Thailand.

I don't really know.


And yet, very strong, sturdy, and simple.

Perfection in itself.

The humblest, hippest shoe I've ever had the joy of wearing.

It's lightweight, and yet you get firm footing.

It's of durable modern material, not quite plastic.

It has given me much mileage, for I do tend to walk a lot.

Perfect for the coming rainy season.

Why wear expensive shoes that will get soaked anyway?

All the elements this born again designer prefers.

Of course, they'll shun me at offices, wearing something like this.

But I don't go to offices.

I go where everyday people are.

I go where there is no strict dress code.

I go where I'm comfortable.

Whoever loves GOD, will accept a daughter of his.

Garbed in the simplest wear.

With nothing to prove to the world, but the WORD.

If anything, the world has to prove itself worthy of our LORD.

He's the only one I really care about.

That I do things right, by Him.

That I serve others well, because I love Him.

If others judge me by my green shoe, so be it.

I am a citizen of heaven anyway.

Aren't you?

For want of anything to call it better, I shall call it a green shoe.

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